Typical Methodology

The basic template for any successful wayfinding & signage project is as follows. The relative importance of each individual stage will be project specific but the methodology remains constant. We can help with the whole project or provide input at specific stages as required.

Stage 1 – Analysis

Before any design work is undertaken it is vital to fully understand the philosophy behind the design of the built environment, the scope of problems to be solved and, most critically, user needs. This will usually include tasks such as interviewing key stakeholders, studying plans and understanding existing design material such as visual identity and brand values.

Stage 2 – Wayfinding Strategy

Developing a comprehensive wayfinding strategy involves much more than directing people from A to B. It is about spatial orientation, using environmental and architectural features, not just signs, to help the visitor understand the environment and their relationship to it. It should address all user needs, from pre-arrival to exit, providing only the required information at the right point. To do so it

Stage 3 – Concept Design

Once the wayfinding strategy has determined the basic information requirements and locations, the physical means to deliver this can be explored. Usually two or three design routes would be explored along with suitable graphic applications

Stage 4 – Design Development

Once an overall design direction has been agreed, it can then be developed across all signtypes and applications.

Stage 5 – Detailed Design

In this phase all signtypes are fully developed, drawn and specified. Message schedules and location plans will also be finalised.

Stage 6 – Tender Preparation

All of the Detailed Design information can now be assembled into a form suitable for competitive tendering. Tender queries can be answered and mid-bid meetings attended if required before helping in the final selection process.

Stage 7 – Implementation Assistance

In order to ensure that the final delivery is to the required standard we can assist throughout the implementation process, from sample approvals through to final sign-off.