Bristol Legible City

Bristol Legible City was a hugely successful, groundbreaking project. It created the template for all subsequent city centre wayfinding projects. It’s success lay in a holistic design philosophy and the assembling of a talented, multi disciplinary design team. Signage formed perhaps the most obvious manifestation of a complete information delivery system that provided a consistent look and feel across all touchpoints.

My involvement centred initially around the detail design and engineering of the signs. Ensuring that the finished products were as close to the original design intent as possible, able to withstand the rigours of a busy urban environment whilst also being as flexible and practical as possible. Once the basic construction principles were established, my focus turned to the quality of delivery. A number of the processes were at the limits of achievability at that time and required constant experimentation and monitoring to maintain standards. The success of this rigour can be judged by the excellent condition of the signs many years after installation.

Lead Designer: City ID
Manufacturer: Wood & Wood Signs