Comprising some 1million square feet of retail space, Selfridges on London’s Oxford Street is one of the capitals most iconic stores. As with all stores, retail space is at a premium but, from a wayfinding perspective, floor mounted signage can deliver greater levels of detail than overhead signage. Therefore these monolithic structures provided an elegant design solution, minimising loss of floor space and visual intrusion. An extruded aluminium upright gave the required structural integrity to survive the inevitable rigours of the shop floor environment despite the minimal footprint, whilst the etched polycarbonate sleeves gave the impression of lightness and translucency.
My role was to assist in the engineering of the hardware, and to conduct the wayfinding surveys. Identifying exact sign location points and establishing a coherent information hierarchy.

So successful were these signs that an example was displayed in the Design Museum at Butlers Wharf.

Designer: North Design
Manufacturer: Wood & Wood Signs